Evidence Based Orthotic Interventions

We work with both practitioners and university educators to advance the understanding of orthotic therapy.
Our goal is greater reliability, repeatability and predictability in both manufacture and clinical application.

Performance Through Scientific Research

Our 17 year commitment to orthotic design and manufacturing is based on scientific research and clinical feedback - leading to better outcomes for patients and practitioners.

Dedication to University Research & Education

Committed to financing and resourcing research and education programs to facilitate deeper understanding of how biomechanical principles can be applied to orthotic design.

Material Properties

Polykinetic PP is our unique material used for all our polypropylene Kinetic Orthotics®

Kinetic Orthotics® are unique not just because of how they are designed and manufactured but also because of the unique kind of plastic they are manufactured from. This plastics ultimate blend of properties makes it difficult to find a heat molded orthotic device that offers what we can.

Polykinetic PP is extremely tough and hard wearing: so much so that we can offer a life time guarantee on its resilience. Kinetic Orthotics® are created in virgin form milled from solid block not molded from flat sheet. It is guaranteed not to bottom out or break or we replace it free of change. Polykinetic PP is extremely lightweight with a SGI of 0.91.This property is further enhanced by the blended incorporation of forefoot and rear foot posting into all Kinetic Orthotics®. Lightweight sleek orthotic are ideal for most people who don’t want bulky heavy orthotics. Kinetic Orthotics® are one of the lightest, fully functional, resilient, individual orthotic device available on the market today.

The incorporated forefoot posting allows adjustments to length without causing increased front edge instability. The tapered thickness and incorporated forefoot and rear-foot posts of Kinetic Orthotics® combine with the material properties to give excellent torsional stability. This allows fascial grooves to be added without adversely affecting the shells torsional stability. Width adjustments via grinding the medial side can also be made to optimise shoe fit without compromising functional integrity.

With Kinetic Orthotics® unique milled finish there is no need to add a top cover. The surface does not encourage any bacterial or fungal growth and is easy and simple to clean. The material is simple to grind and does not grind to a fine dust.

Polykinetic PP is heat adjustable and has great adhesive properties making gluing top covers and soft padding easy. The ability for the practitioner to have a product specifically designed for the patient but versatile enough to allow the practitioner to easily individually adjust the orthotics as specific needs arise during a treatment program is a true strength of this product.

Kinetic EVA orthotic Material Properties

We provide shank dependent EVA orthotics in 4 different densities. We not only spent time testing the EVA materials for their densities but also for their blend of resilience and durability. All the product densities come with the maximum resilience available for that particular material density enabling us to provide the best possible durability in this product range. The density varies from soft to very hard and the material has an integrity guarantee for 6 months from commencement of ware.

All top covers used by Kinetic Orthotics® have anti-fungal and bacterial static properties.