Evidence Based Orthotic Interventions

We work with both practitioners and university educators to advance the understanding of orthotic therapy.
Our goal is greater reliability, repeatability and predictability in both manufacture and clinical application.

Performance Through Scientific Research

Our 17 year commitment to orthotic design and manufacturing is based on scientific research and clinical feedback - leading to better outcomes for patients and practitioners.

Dedication to University Research & Education

Committed to financing and resourcing research and education programs to facilitate deeper understanding of how biomechanical principles can be applied to orthotic design.

Manufacturing Process

Kinetic Orthotics® can be made using several different data sources including optical scans, plaster casts, foam boxes and kinetic clinical data. Once we have necessary data we can then develop the design according to the information provided.

The design is then transferred to a program that converts the design to machine tool instructions for the CNC to manufacture. The next steps in the process are to then finish grind the product and polish it ready for final quality check and dispatch.

Our manufacturing process is unique in the way we use specific information to develop the design specifications to result in the optimal performance of the product.

  • First the negative cast is digitally scanned.
  • The information from the script is then entered into the design program.
  • The shell parameters are defined and the orthotic design is created.
  • Once the design has been created the digital information is then processed into a machine code.
  • The data is then downloaded to a CNC milling machine.
  • The high-density polypropylene polymer block is carved within 5 microns of accuracy.
  • Once the shell is carved and removed from the CNC the holding lugs are cut away.
  • Our highly skilled technicians then grind off any excess material.
  • The orthotic shells are checked for quality.
  • Any soft padding specifically required is now added to the shell and top covered.
  • A final quality control is done before the orthotics are dispatched.
  • Standard time in lab is 3-4 working days.

We provide the ultimate blend of technical skill with unparalleled technology to bring you a precision orthotic for the future.

You can now prescribe with confidence…a superior product that is satisfaction guaranteed.